2023 MUD Tax Rate

The District Board of Directors are very pleased to announce the adopted 2023 MUD tax rate has been lowered 4.5 cents per $100 assessed valuation from last year’s rate. The 2022 rate was .585 per $100 assessed valuation, this year’s rate is .5425 per $100 assessed valuation, a 7.26% drop with no reduction in services or capital improvement projects.

How was this possible on top of last year’s record reduction?  The biggest factor is the District retired the last of its outstanding bonds in 2022.

Your actual MUD Tax due depends on your 2023 appraisal as set by the Harris County Appraisal District (HCAD).  If your tax bill is the same as or higher than last year in spite of the tax rate decrease, it’s because your 2023 HCAD property appraisal was higher than last year. The District has no influence or control over HCAD appraisals. For more information on your appraisal and what you can do to protest it, go to https://hcad.org.