HGSD Awards Terranova West Mud With Water Conservation Grant

The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District’s (HGSD) Water Conservation Grant Program will award the Terranova West Municipal Utility District (MUD) with up to $207,000 in funding to replace its irrigation systems with innovative technology designed to save over three million gallons of water each year. This new system will utilize reclaimed water and EPA WaterSense-labeled products to irrigate approximately 8.7 acres of land, including parks, street medians, and other green spaces more efficiently and effectively.

During the grant project kick-off meeting, Krystal Joseph, Terranova West MUD’s attorney, expressed, “The [Terranova West MUD] District is very forward-thinking, establishing this partnership is very important to us as our goals align with Harris-Galveston Subsidence District’s goals.”

“Our goal is to save water and prevent subsidence. I lived in Baytown in the 1960s, I saw what can happen,” said Ken Barrett, Terranova West MUD’s Vice President, referencing the impact that subsidence had on Baytown’s Brownwood Subdivision which sank nearly 10 feet within three decades.

Terranova West MUD’s Board President, Tom Lovell shared, “We want to leave a legacy and hopefully be a model for other Districts.”

HGSD is proud to support such an impactful water conservation project and we look forward to sharing more details upon the project’s completion.